TEAM RPM has signed GIACOMO SACCHI for season 2023

Team RACING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (RPM) has signed the professional and highly motivated talented driver Giacomo Sacchi licenced by The Monegasque Motorboating Federation who has all prerequisites to reach the highest positions of UIM Formula 2 World Championship 2023.

Team Manager Alessandro Canzi has dedicated almost 40 years for powerboat racing sports. Started as technical crew for legendary F1H2O drivers such as Guido Cappellini, Fabrizio Bocca, Philippe Chiappe, technical director and radio man for Jay Price, Alex Carella and others, with powerboat F1 Team Qatar (technical director), Team Abu Dhabi, Team Victory, has won 9 UIM World Champion titles in categories F1, F2 as well as Endurance. Daily business owner of landscaping copany based in Monza.

Team Principal Baiba Veisa, lawyer, currently dedicating her social responsibilities as vice president of European Fair Play movement, Bureau member of Council of European Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sports (COE EPAS), having experience in powerboat racing UIM F2 World Championship event management as well as F2, team management and more than 10 years experience in Olympic movement and Olympians club promoting Fair Play values. Daily on state duties at home country Republic of Latvia working as deputy chairman of independent constitutional state institution.

Stefan Hagin with Team ROWE / RPM has won UIM F2 World Championship 2022

Amazing rockie season has passes in UIM F2 World championship where team ROWE / RPM started it's cooperation from simple test in San Nazzaro at early april, through 4 races, hard work, challenges, disqualification and winning appeal has reached the top - UIM F2 World Championship gold medal. 

"Yes, we did it, but it took lot of efforts  - new team members, nex experience together, but one common aim - to do our job as bes as we can" is statement from the team. 

The victory on first race, and disaster after the last race wish negative desision from post race inspection was challenge an real test of team spirit. Despite difficulties, team was sure about their honesty and was ready to fight till the end. Appeal, engine verification in laboratory and long time of waiting turned into absolute success. 

Stefan hagin became UIM F2 World Champion 2022! 

Now hard work in winter time to find out the best opportunities for 2023. Team is ready to work!